Nuovo firmware 3.0633.69.00 per l’E61i!

In questi giorni i nuovi firmware si susseguono a ritmo serrato. Oggi è la volta dell’E61i, che si pensava fosse stato dimenticato dalla Nokia. Passiamo dalla versione 2.0633.65.01 alla 3.0633.69.00. L’aggiornamento scaricabile tramite NSU, dovrebbe essere disponibile per quasi tutti i product code europei nobrand. E’ stato anche pubblicato un changelog ufficioso. Da come potete vedere non è stato integrato FlashLite 3, forse per scarsità di RAM disponibile. Ecco allora il changelog:


  • Reading of SMS time stamp information unified between regions
  • SMS sending from SIM Toolkit – Profile 07 improved
  • Unicode Handling with Turkish characters corrected
  • Correction to fetching email from freemail server
  • Intellisync: Slowness of searching a contact for the first time corrected


  • After the startup, the phone recognizes the language to use from the SIM card
  • SMSC is re-read from SIM after switch on


  • Improvement of co-operation of Gizmo VoIP client and Internet voice mailbox
  • SIP Proxy Authentication corrected in outgoing call if two SIP profiles with same realm and user name


  • Correction of Chinese word corruption with WAP browser
  • Searching in Hebrew from portal corrected
  • Wap GET/POST forms corrected when using Greek characters
  • Reset during WAP browsing and MT calls corrected


  • Operator name list updated
  • Start-up settings updated
  • Settings Wizard updated
  • Start-up date changed to 1.1.2008
  • Correction of DRMClock behaviour with NITZObserver with negative time zone values
  • Localization improvements

(fonte: SymbianWorld e AllAboutSymbian)